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GBWhatsApp APK – Latest Version 2021

GBWhatsApp APK is a highly customizable messaging app for Android. This app has lots of unique features that make it different from other mods. GBWhatsApp APK Download 2021 Now !!

Material Design UI |Privacy Focused | Themes| Stickers & Emoji

GBWhatsapp APK 2021: Instant Messaging is the most prominent way of communication nowadays, trending globally! Those complex days are over when we were supposed to communicate with our friends through tricky stuff like Fax, E-Mail, Postcard, or Letter! We’ve now got the most exceptional gift from the technology – Instant Messaging! It’s even handier than making a phone call since all you need here is to type your stuff and deliver it online instantly. 

Now, after getting pinged with Instant Messaging, How can we forget the world-class name – WhatsApp! As per my knowledge, WhatsApp is the first famous application developed solely for Instant Messaging. It’s the only thing that conquered billions of daily Instant Messaging guys in just a few age of its origination, and that all became possible only because of the features showered by them.

However, tremendous users are still struggling while using the official WhatsApp application! And some of them got bored with using the same app interface from the date of its origin.

If you’re also the one and made the mood of downloading a different messaging application, We’ve got a present for you – GBWhatsApp APK! Here is the most impressive Android app developed for all enthusiastic Instant chatting lovers. So click the below download button instantly and download GBWhatsApp.

Table of Content

What is GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsapp is one of the most severe WhatsApp MODs, including all the exceptional features you need for polishing your Instant Messaging.

Firstly, It’s the simplistic Android app as the official WhatsApp and offers you the ditto servers as per the WhatsApp, so that you won’t need to make a different WhatsApp account. Afterward, the app is entirely customizable, which simply grants you access to get over all your friends in terms of Instant Messaging experience. 

The prime motive of GBWhatsApp is to make your Instant Messaging experience more enthusiastic. Additionally, it also succeeds in being the most favorite WhatsApp MOD for all customization or theme lovers.

The app will amaze you and all your friends when you show them your messaging interface and attach a feather to your messaging! You’ll also endure the security and privacy-rich privileges after installing the GBWhatsApp APK on your Smartphone.

Simply, you can’t find the main motive of the GBWA App, as it’s perfect for everything – Transferring your messages securely, Providing you with a gorgeous interface, Managing your chat privacy, Managing the insidious settings in WhatsApp, and holding the vast capability.

Well, it’s correct that “No stuff can get best for its every task”. But GBWhatsApp APK doesn’t work on such obligations; it’s a beast app containing enthusiastic privileges.

So if you’re also the one, got bored of all the official WhatsApp tweaks, and need a different version, get plugged into GBWhatsApp APK. It’s the best application for all the Chat-Lovers since it also has worked on numerous additional features than the messaging! Enjoy it!!


Advanced Compatibility

Unlike the official version, this beast WhatsApp will allow you to create your status of up to 255 characters, share 100 documents at a time, and up to 50MB of media at the same time!

Variety of Themes

Download and Apply hundreds of gorgeous WhatsApp themes instead of that boring official white theme! You can also create your own theme here with your favorite wallpaper, header settings, and interior shapes.

Download Status

No more need to ask for Status videos from friends. Download GBWhatsapp instantly, and enjoy the free Status downloader embedded with the app.

Self Destructive Messages

Self Destructive Message is the rarest feature of GBWhatsapp, where you can send private and destructive messages. These messages get deleted automatically after your friend reads them!

Night Mode

Unlike your Smartphone’s official Night Mode, GBWhatsApp is offering you an in-built Night Mode. You can conveniently click on the Moon-shaped icon and enable it!

Chat Lock

Enhancing your message privacy, GBWhatsApp delivers a Chat Lock feature to secret your chats and hide from the main screen. No need to worry more about private messages!

More Features

  • Hide Last Seen – Being the best WhatsApp MOD, GBWhatsapp offers you hide last seen feature. In simple words, you can hide your last seen from all your friends, unlike the official app’s hassles.
  • DND Mode – You can enable the DND mode from the above plate of the home screen. After allowing it, you can mute all the messages for a while and start non-interrupting relaxation.
  • Chat Head Message – Like the messenger app, GBWhatsApp grants you the Chat Head Message feature, where you can simply reply to your friends without holding your task.
  • DIY Theme – DIY theme simply means the customizable themes or handmade theme. You can basically make WhatsApp’s appearance as you like, including header style, chat head shape, background color, and wallpaper.
  • Auto Translation Message – GBWhatsApp works in more languages than official WhatsApp. Moreover, It also translates your chats automatically in your chosen language.
  • Color Phone – Within the Chat theme, You can also apply colorful, cool, and animated WhatsApp Call and Video Call themes. Skip that old-aged simplistic call interface and use the animated one on GBWA.
  • More Backup Sources – Gone the days when you were only supposed to backup your WhatsApp data on Gmail. Now you can download GBWA and update all your data on your MEGA and Dropbox account too! Hurry up, and download GBWhatsApp APK.
  • Disable Forwarded indicator – Now forward unlimited messages without that ‘Forwarded’ sign! Use GBWA, and it’ll allow you to re-send unlimited messages without that creepy Forwarded tag.
  • Hide View Status – Your privacy is in your hand right now! GBWA delivers Status View hider extension, after which you can watch your friend’s status without even letting him know about that.
  • Status Downloader – Being a convenient WhatsApp version, You can download the WhatsApp status directly from the Status wall without asking your friend for that video or photo.
  • Anti-Delete Status – You can also view your contact’s status, even after he deleted it! Sounds magical, right? Experience on your own, and get amazed.
  • Anti-Delete Messages – You’re the king of WhatsApp since after having GBWhatsapp installed on your Smartphone, No one can delete messages for you.
  • Hide Blue Ticks – Hide Blue Ticks from all your chat and won’t let your friend know that you’ve watched his recent chat. Enhanced privacy!!
  • Send Photos in best quality – Have you got bothered with the low quality of shared photos? Don’t worry; It won’t need you now to use Telegram; just download GBWhatsApp and send pictures up to 100 million pixels in 100% image quality.
  • Increase Send Media size limit – Now, You can freely send any media file to your contact holding up to 80 Megabytes, even if it’s a photo, video, audio, or status; Download GBWhatsapp APK.
  • Hide Media From Gallery – Instead of deleting the media files, Hide them from your Gallery via GBWhatsapp APK. Just enable a toggle of hiding Photos, Videos, or GIFs, and enjoy the magic.
  • Emoji Variants – Choose one of the best Emoji packs or the stock ones, including official WhatsApp, Old WhatsApp, or System Emoji.
  • Pin more conversations – Did you have more than three important conversations and got annoyed with the rigid rule of official WhatsApp? Download GBWhatsapp APK and pin more than three conversations free of charge.
  • Choose Your Favourite Launcher Icon – Again, GBWhatsapp allows you to choose from over 50 app icon choices as an impeccable feature. You can also customize the external app interface with this feature.
  • Increase Forward Limit – Unlike the official WhatsApp, where you can forward only up to 20 chats at a time, GBWA APK allows you to forward up to 300 chats at the same time.

Download GBWhatsApp APK

Download GBWhatsApp APK
App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Size48 MB
LanguageMulti-Language Support
DeveloperWhatsapp Mods
Last UpdatedOctober 16, 2021

What’s New in v13.75


  • Added Mention Mark
  • Added Online/Offline Dot
  • Added Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with normal Blue tick on Reply option)
  • Added Load theme from ZIP file
  • Added Click on Status caption to copy
  • Re-Added Option to increase forward limit to 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)
  • Added new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
  • Added Advanced Search
  • Added new Custom Wallpaper UI
  • Re-Added Hide Recent Chats Option
  • Re-Added Hide Other Contacts Option
  • Re-Added Hide Frequently Contacted Option


  • Fixed Backup not found
  • Fixed New menu now closes automatically
  • Fixed Random crashes when messaging groups
  • Fixed sending messages in groups take long time
  • Fixed Blue Tick on Reply crashes
  • Fixed Swipe Row crash
  • Fixed Reset Preferences now also resets default wallpaper
  • Fixed crash using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements
  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!

GB WA By Different Developers

1️⃣ Alex ModsCurrent Version: v13.50[Ads Free, Anti-Ban]
2️⃣ Fouad ModsCurrent Version: v8.95 [Ads Free, Anti-Ban]
3️⃣ Hey ModsCurrent Version: v17.80.0[Contains Ads, More Features, Anti-Ban]

You can install any of these MOD’s, and they are 100% safe ✅ to install.

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK 2021 on Android?

Installing GBWhatsapp APK is an even more straightforward task than downloading or using it! It’s a convenient Android app that you can download from the below link and install with your device’s default installation process! Moreover, You can also apply the below installation process if having any doubts – 

  1. First of all, you’re required to enable Third Party Installation permission in the Settings app, since GBWhatsapp isn’t a Play Store app! So open the Settings app!
  2. Now search for the Security tab and tap it; that’ll reveal you a massive list of settings.
  3. Search for the toggle named Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation on the settings list, and Enable it.
  4. Now, You’re excellent with the installation access and ready to download the app. So click the download link and download GBWhatsapp APK in your device storage.
  5. Get to the app drawer, and open the File Manager application (Either the System or Third-party software).
  6. Locate the freshly downloaded GBWhatsapp APK in the appropriate download folder, picked for your Smartphone.
  7. After having the app in front, Tap it ASAP and wait for a prompt pop-up notification window.
  8. Click the Install button on arisen prompt, and wait for 2-5 minutes to complete the installation process!
  9. Fortunately, Now you’ve successfully installed GBWhatsApp App on your Smartphone, So open your app drawer and locate the GBWhatsapp icon.
  10. Open the app and accept all the necessary permissions like Storage, Call, Media, and Camera.

Now you’re all good to enjoy all the severe features offered by GBWhatsApp. Every trigger is in your hand, just open the app, click the top-right positioned menu, and select the GB Settings tab for employing the exceptional tweaks. Happy tweaking!

Is GBWhatsApp APK Safe to Use on Android?

I can solely confirm that GBWhatsapp is the safest WhatsApp MOD in the entire Android app universe. Moreover, we’re offering you the most renewed version of GBWhatsapp, or simply the 2021 version, so you won’t need to worry a bit about the security.

The latest version contains all the safest tweaks that you can simply apply to your WhatsApp experience without getting scared.

Apart from that, GBWA is a free WhatsApp MOD, delivering all the funky themes, icon styles, emoji styles, privacy settings, and additional tweaks without asking for a single cent.

You’re only required to click the below download button, and afterward, you can enjoy any above-listed feature merely inside the app! Stop waiting and jump into this pool of traits.

Is GBWhatsApp Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

Sadly, GBWhatsApp APK is the APK version of the GBWhatsapp, which means that it’s solely developed for Android smartphones. In simple words, you can’t install this app on any other OS-operated smartphone or console. The app is created only for Android smartphones.

Apart from that, you can use this app on any Android smartphone, without mattering the OS version or device configuration. It’s a futuristic app that even won’t need you to root or break your Smartphone’s security.

So stop thinking and download GBWhatsapp instantly, since you won’t get it on Google Play Store since it can’t work on Google’s terms and conditions.

There is no need to worry since GBWhatsapp is the MOD version, and consequently, it works on the same WhatsApp servers. So It’s hard to offer you such an app on Google Play Store. Apart from that, it’s a 100% secure app to manage your daily instant messaging.


GBWhatsApp Infographics

GBWhatsApp FAQ’s

Is GBWhatsApp APK safe to use on Android?

Yeah, GBWhatsapp APK is 100% safe to use on your Android smartphone. Firstly, it works on the same WhatsApp servers, won’t need root access, and can’t access your important files. So you can simply download this app and install it on your device without being scared.

Does GBWhatsApp work on the iPhone?

Wistfully, iOS users still need to wait for an update since the GBWhatsapp APK is an APK file, which can only work for Android smartphones. But don’t worry, whenever we’ll notice an update about the iOS version from the developer, we’ll upload it ASAP on the same website.

Can GBWhatsapp APK be banned?

GBWhatsapp APK is the modified version of WhatsApp. So for offering you hundreds of customization tweaks and privacy enhancers, it contains hundreds of MOD scripts. So we must recommend you first use a demo account in GBWhatsapp, or even if you’re using your official account; Stop if you’ll get a temporary ban kind of notice from WhatsApp for your security.

Is it possible to install GBWhatsapp APK without verification?

Yup, you can download and install GBWhatsapp APK on Android smartphones without any verification. Or still, if you’re getting such trouble in the installation process, so please disable the Google Play Protect first from the Google Play Store. Apart from that, you’re all good.

Why GBWhatsApp App not found on Google Play Store?

GBWhatsApp is a scripted or modified WhatsApp version, which includes hundreds of MOD scripts to offer you brilliant features. That’s why you can’t get it on Google Play Store, since while having scripts, it violates some of Google’s terms and conditions.

Can I keep both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp APK installed together?

Yup, there is not single trouble having both WhatsApp official and the GBWhatsApp version installed together on your Smartphone. Moreover, it’ll be best for you since you can use more than one WhatsApp account at the same time with this trick!

How do I import conversations from WhatsApp to GBWhatsapp APK?

It’s a simple process! Just Open the official WhatsApp app, Open Settings, and Go to Chat Settings.
Click the Create Backup button that’ll take some time, and create an entire backup of your Chats + Media.
Install the GBWhatsapp APK following the above installation steps
Open the GBWhatsApp, and follow the verification steps.
After completing the verification, GBWhatsapp will ask you for a Chat backup, and now you can employ that backup.

Is GBWhatsApp developed by WhatsApp company?

Nope! GBWhatsapp is the modification, and consequently, it’s downloaded by a modification developer. But it’s a secure WhatsApp MOD that won’t affect your data or messages anytime.

Why GBWhatsapp not found in Play Store?

Fundamentally, Google has formed some terms and conditions for app developers, where you can’t upload an application containing scripts, MODs, and a futuristic interface for official apps. And our GBWhatsApp APK violates these rules of the Google Play Store; that’s why it’s not available on the Play Store.

Is GBWhatsApp App available for iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices?

Unfortunately, GBWhatsapp is now only available for Android smartphones. But soon, we’ll update the iOS, Windows, and Blackberry versions, like whenever we’ll get these updates from the developer’s library. Till that date, enjoy it on your Android Smartphones.

How do I change themes?

It’s a handy process! Click the top-right corner positioned Menu button of GBWhatsapp App.
Tap on GB Settings and Click the Theme Store tab.
Now you can choose one of the hundreds of theme choices or create your own DIY by choosing your favorite wallpaper, shape, color, or heading style.

Where can I find more themes on GBWhatsApp?

All the GBWhatsapp themes are already uploaded on the App’s online interface. Moreover, you can also download more themes from the online websites and store them on the File Manager.

Afterward, you can install them with the Local Theme option in the GBWhatsapp app’s Theme manager!

Will I be banned If I use GBWhatsApp?

We can’t say anything about the modified applications. Well, GBWhatsapp is an anti-ban version of WhatsApp, so we can still trust it. But my first recommendation will always be to try this mod with the demo account and try the private one only after building trust.

Can I secure a specific chat or the whole GBWhatsApp profile with password protection?

Absolutely Yes! GBWhatsapp is an exclusively featured modded version of official WhatsApp, and it’s offering you all the ultimate privacy features. All you need is to install the app and long-press any chat or profile; After that, You’ll get the Hide Chat option on the top-right positioned 3-dot Menu; Click it and enjoy being private.

Last Thoughts:

Finally, it’s time to jump into a pool of futuristic WhatsApp features! All you need here is to click the above download link, and you’ll automatically get redirected to the download page for GBWhatsApp APK. After that, You can install the app simply following the above installation steps and enjoy the unique WhatsApp themes free of charge.

Moreover, you can also take action towards your Instant Messaging privacy with GBWA APK. Now it’s your choice; either get bored with the aged official WhatsApp or get switched to GBWhatsApp.

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